Cartabia says not true mafia trials will go up in smoke

ANM slams reform after De Raho, Gratteri speak out

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 21 - Justice Minister Marta Cartabia said Wednesday it was not true that mafia and terrorism trials would go up in smoke due to the government's proposed reform of the statute of limitations.
    She said the reform did not apply to crimes liable to the death penalty.
    Cartabia was speaking to the House after Italian magistrates' union ANM said the reform does not speed up but "eliminates" trials.
    On Tuesday national anti-mafia prosecutor Federico Cafiero De Raho said the reform of the statute of limitations "undermines the security of the country" while the country's top 'Ndrangheta prosecutor, Nicola Gratteri, said the reform would mean half of current trials would be timed out.
    In its current form, the reform framed by Cartabia sets a two-year limit on the statute for first appeals, and a further one-year limit on appeals to the supreme court - barring mafia and the other most serious crimes that would have the one-year extension.
    The ruling 5-Star Movement (M5S) said after the two prosecutors spoke that the justice reform bill, aimed at speeding up Italy's notoriously slow system as part of the EU-funded COVID Recovery Plan, must be changed.
    De Raho said that under the reform there might be "very serious" consequences in the fight against mafias and terrorism, while Gratteri said it wpuld spell the demise of seven major trials against 'Ndrangheta, Italy's richest and most powerful mafia, in and around Catanzaro. (ANSA).


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