Draghi proposes scrapping curfew on June 21

Bars, eateries to reopen indoors June 1, gyms 24/5, pools 1/7

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 17 - Premier Mario Draghi on Monday proposed to the government's COVID 'control room' to push back the virus-containing curfew from 10 to 11 pm shortly, pushing it further back to midnight from June 7, and ending it completely from June 21, government sources said.
    There will be no more curfew from June 1 in Friuli, Molise and Sardinia after they become low-risk white zones.
    They will be followed by Abruzzo, Veneto and Liguria on June 7 if the current contagion curve continues.
    In these low-risk zones only social distancing and face masks are enforced.
    The control room's new roadmap also proposes reopening Italy's bars and restaurants indoors from June 1, gyms on May 24, and indoors swimming pools on July 1, government sources said.
    Shopping malls and markets will reopen on May 22, according to the proposed road map.
    Furthermore, weddings will be able to restart from June 15, with a 'green pass' certifying a vaccination or test for the participants.
    Theme parks will reopen on June 15.
    The control room's recommendations are set to be approved by a subsequent cabinet meeting. (ANSA).


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