No agreement possible on PD-M5S Rome, Turin candidates-Letta

Parties have been looking to develop partnership

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 12 - Democratic Party (PD) leader Enrico Letta has said that there is no chance of the centre-left group reaching an agreement with the 5-Star Movement on joint mayor candidates for upcoming local elections in Rome and Turin.
    The PD and the anti-establishment M5S have been trying to build on the partnership that saw them allied in backing ex-premier Giuseppe Conte's second government.
    Conte has taken on the job of revamping the M5S after his executive collapsed early this year.
    Rome and Turin both currently have M5S mayors.
    But while Rome First Citizen Virginia Raggi is running again, Turin Mayor Chiara Appendino is not.
    "There is no chance of an agreement in Rome and Turin, two cities where the PD lost in a big way in 2016 and where we have a negative opinion of the two mayors took over," Letta told daily newspaper Il Messaggero. (ANSA).


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