Countries like Italy need solidarity on migrants says von der Leyen

EC chief calls on member States to agree on new system

(ANSA) - ROME, 19 NOV - European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Thursday called for member States to agree to an overhaul of the EU system to manage migrants and asylum seekers to ensure that the countries most exposed to the problem, such as Italy, receive more help.
    "It is important for the EU to create a long-term migration-management system that is fully based on European values and this is why the European Commission approved a new pact on migration and asylum at the end of September," von der Leyen told a high-level conference on migration and asylum.
    "Migration is a complex issue. There are many genuine concerns to reconcile.
    "We must talk about the concerns of countries at the external frontier of the Union, such as Italy, Greece and Spain.
    "They are worried that their efforts to manage migration go beyond their capacity and they need the solidarity of others".


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