COVID-19: Naples mayor sees Campania headed for lockdown

De Magistris says regional govt made 'serious mistakes'

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 20 - Naples Mayor Luigi De Magistris said Tuesday that he expects Campania to go into lockdown soon because of a spike in COVID-19 cases and blasted the management of the coronavirus by the administration of regional Governor Vincenzo De Luca.
    "I think very serious mistakes were made by the region and that's not passing the buck," De Magistris told RAI radio.
    "The (contagion) numbers speak for themselves.
    "De Luca even banned the doctors from telling the truth.
    "The problem is not young people (out socializing).
    "We are sure to go into lockdown in Campania. There are (just) 15 places (left) in intensive care".
    De Luca last week closed schools in Campania, which had been the last region in Italy to reopen them last month, until the end of October due to the pandemic, irking central government and parents.
    "Closing the schools just after they reopened is so sad," said De Magistris. (ANSA).


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