Aid from all, loyal to NATO- Di Maio

'Other countries too, from US to Germany and France'

(ANSA) - Rome, April 3 - Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said in a long interview with Der Spiegel Friday that his main concern was finding a solution to the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus at the EU level and was flexible about what form that took. "Coronabonds? I don't care how we call the instruments to combat the crisis," he said. "We must find the best instrument and react together to the worsening of the economic crisis. "We need all the strength of the EU and the guarantees of European States to make Europe's future safe.
    "At the moment we must first of all guarantee liquidity to our firms, that jobs remain assured and that wages are guaranteed, I take the opportunity to thanks Germany for taking in Italian patients but no one is guilty if we are faced with a pandemic and if we have 13,000 deaths.
    "Italy now expects a joint response to this pain, that is touching everyone, because the situation is heavy also in Germany, France and Spain".
    Di Maio said Italy's acceptance of aid from countries including Russia and China would not lead to new geopolitical alliances.
    "China helped us a lot in the first phase" of the coronavirus emergency but "also many other countries supported us, as well as the Russians, for example Albania, Cuba and Poland. Protective equipment arrived from France, Germany is welcoming Italian patients and American President Trump wants to support us with 100 million dollars," he said. "Italy has always been a bridge between the East and West, but we remain in the Euro-Atlantic Alliance".


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