Debt sharing won't pass-Gentiloni

But ECB says in favour of 'Coronabonds'

(ANSA) - Rome, March 30 - European Economic Affairs Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni said Monday that the EU issuing bonds "generically to mutualize debt will never be accepted" while the European Central bank's No.2 said he was in favour of the so-called 'coronabonds' advocated by Italy.
    Gentiloni said issuing such bonds, however, could be "targeted onto a mission, which could be to address the health emergency, create a new guarantee instrument for unemployment and a plan to support firms." He told Italian radio that "EU divisions are not fitting, and Germany will understand".
    ECB Vice President Luis de Guindos, for his part, told Spanish radio: "I'm in favour of coronabonds".
    He said "it is a pandemic that will have repercussions on everyone" an said the crisis "is completely different from those in 2008-09-10".


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