OECD sees zero growth for Italy in 2019

Govt should 'dialogue with EU for best possible possible budget'

(ANSA) - Paris, September 19 - The OECD said in its latest Interim Economic Outlook on Thursday that it expects Italy to post zero growth this year, with GDP predicted to rise 0.4% in 2020.
    The Paris-based organization's forecast for 2019 was unchanged from the one in made in May but the one for next year was 0.2 of a percentage point down. OECD Chief Economist Laurence Boone said the new Italian government should work with the European Commission in drafting its budget law for 2020.
    "We are moving into a period of budgets and discussions with the EU," Boone said. "It is necessary to limit uncertainty and work in dialogue with the European Commission to reach the best solution and the best budget possible within the framework of the Stability Pact.
    "Everything that increases uncertainty raises risks and everything that placates uncertainty contributes to growth".