Moavero warns agnst Austria border move (3)

Kurz says German decision could lead to chain reaction

(ANSA) - Riga, July 3 - Austria must "assume its responsibilities" if it decides to close the Brenner Pass, Foreign Minister Enrico Moavero Milanesi said Tuesday.
    "The European Council affirmed that immigration is a European issue and we need a shared effort," he said.
    ""If this is the spirit, we should enter a phase of cooperation. "But the Austrian decision to close the Brenner would be against this spirit and so whoever put into practice would have to assume responsibility for it".
    Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Tuesday warned that there will be a chain reaction if German closes its borders to stop the flow of asylum seekers. "I cannot anticipate what will happen in the coming weeks," Kurz said in Strasbourg. "It depends on what happens in Germany. If Berlin introduces national measures, which would have a chain reaction, it could mean that Austria would have to react too. "Our ambition in the long term is to have a Europe without internal borders, and that will be possible in the medium and long term. "It depends on what Germany does for the short term". Kurz said Vienna had solid relations with the Italian government. "With Italy we have solid relations and we respect the decision of the (migrant) quotas in all member countries and as Chancellor I have always sought to have good contacts with all neighbouring countries, but also with all EU partners," he said.
    "But naturally as (EU) duty president it is necessary to cooperate with all the governments and heads of State and government of the EU".


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