Italy's stance 'sickening' - En Marche

Gabriel Attal comments to broadcaster on Aquarius crisis

(ANSA) - Paris, June 12 - The Italian government's policy on immigration "is sickening", the spokesman for President Emmanuel Macron's party La République En Marche, Gabriel Attal, told broadcaster Public Sénat on Tuesday.
    The lawmaker denounced the decision taken by Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini at the weekend to shut down Italian ports to migrant-rescue vessel Aquarius run by NGO Mediterranee, which is carrying over 600 migrants.
    He said that France was looking for "pragmatic solutions". "My thoughts first of all go to the 629 people aboard this boat", he said.
    "I think that the Italian government's line is sickening.
    "It is inadmissible to deal in low politics at the expense of human lives. I find it foul".
    Asked what France was planning to do to help the over 600 people on board he said that "we have been in this situation for less than 24 hours, I think the president (Emmanuel Macron) and the government are looking into what it is possible to do".


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