Automatic migration relocation-Conte (3)

Premier says existing system must be 'surpassed'

(ANSA) - Rome, June 5 - Premier Giuseppe Conte said Tuesday that Italy wants to see the EU's Dublin Regulation on managing asylum seekers overhauled with a system of automatic relocations.
    "The first test of the new way of dialoguing with our European partners is immigration," Conte told the Senate ahead of a confidence vote in his M5S-League executive.
    "The management of (migrant) flows up to now has been a failure.
    "Europe has allowed selfish closures by many States who offloaded responsibilities and difficulties on others, our country first and foremost. "We will ask vehemently that the Dublin Regulation be surpassed to achieve real respect of a fair division of the responsibilities and the creation of obligatory automatic relocation systems for asylum seekers". The Dublin Regulation rules that requests are dealt with by the EU country where the asylum seeker arrives, which has meant Italy has borne most of the burden of the Mediterranean migrant crisis.


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