Italy 'steeped in racism' - Amnesty (2)

League leads in hate speech with 50%, FdI 27%, FI 18%

(ANSA) - Rome, February 22 - Amnesty International said Wednesday Italy was steeped in racism and rightwing parties were at fault for stoking anti-foreigner sentiment.
    Amnesty said Italy was "steeped in hatred, racism and xenophobia, and unjustified fear of the other".
    It said 95% of discriminatory, racist, and hate speech on the Internet came from the centre right, The anti-migrant League led by firebrand leader Matteo Salvini led the way at 50% of such speech, Amnesty said in its report.
    It was followed by the nationalist, neo-Fascist Brothers of Italy (FdI) led by Giorgia Meloni at 27%, the Amnesty report said. In third place came Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right Forza Italia (FI) at 18%. Anti-migrant League leader Salvini on Thursday said he wanted to meet Amnesty International over the report. "I want to restore tranquility to Italy, respect for the rules and dignity of work," Salvini said. "No violence, no xenophobia, no racism.
    "Limited and controlled immigration will guarantee serene and peaceful co-existence.
    "That is why I have asked to meet representatives of Amnesty International to explain to them what the League is and does where it governs to guarantee everyone's rights "I hope to have this meeting in the coming hours".


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