US hasn't asked us to do more in Libya (3)

Mattis didn't ask Rome to lead mission

(ANSA) - New York, July 12 - United States Defense Secretary James Mattis did not ask Italy to lead a military mission in Libya during talks with Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti Tuesday, Pinotti said Wednesday, denying press reports. "Nor did the Americans ask us to do more in the country," she said.
    La Repubblica daily, among others, reported Wednesday that the US wanted Italy to step up action in Libya in view of possibly leading a military mission to help pacify and unite the country.
    Pinotti went on: "Certainly with Mattis we discussed the fragmentation that there is still in Libya and how to reduce the distances that exist to make sure there is an inclusive government in which all sides see themselves.
    "But there was no request to do more, indeed great recognition was expressed for what Italy is doing in the Mediterranean in general for the crises present there.
    "The US recognises that Italy has great knowledge of the country and from this standpoint it trusts our indications on what the movements to be implemented in the field should be".


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