Trump thanks Italy for terror fight (2)

Reaffirms transatlantic unity on Russia

(ANSA) - Washington, May 24 - In his meetings with President Sergio Mattarella and Premier Paolo Gentiloni, US President Donald Trump "thanked Italy for its contribution to the efforts in the fight against terrorism, specially for its participation in the global anti-ISIS coalition and its active role in Iraq and Afghanistan," the White House said Wednesday. The US president also complimented Italy on its "important diplomatic efforts to end the violence in Libya". In their meetings, the leaders "discussed the alliance between the USA and Italy, and also priorities in the area of cooperation for defence, the fight against terrorism and the efforts to deny terrorists safe havens from Mali to Libya, from Iraq to Afghanistan".
    They also discussed "the objectives of the G7 summit, where the heads of State and government from the world's strongest economies can forge a consensus on today's most urgent diplomatic and economic issues".
    Trump also "reaffirmed transatlantic unity in holding Russia responsible for its actions in Crimea and eastern Ukraine" and "stressed the importance of convincing Russia to meet its commitments according to the Minsk Accords," the White House said.


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