Italy saved Europe's honour on migrants (2)

Show solidarity for Italy and Greece

(ANSA) - Florence, May 5 - Italy has "saved Europe's honour" on migrant rescue and reception, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told The State of the Union conference in Florence Friday. "So we must show solidarity with both Italy and Grece which are not responsible for their geographical position.
    They are where they are and we have to take that into account," he said. "Faced with the consequences of the migratory flow, the European Council took a decision by qualified majority, but there is a certain number of member countries that do not accept this decision: if Europe starts not respecting legal norms in this field, we will be lost," Juncker went on in reference to countries that have refused to take in their share of migrants.
    "I'd like a certain number of member States to understand: it's a question here of putting into practice, and translating into law, the idea we have of Europe and humanity. You can't say 'we won't let coloured men and women enter our territory, or who aren't Catholics: that does not belong to the real nature of Europe".


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