Anti-EU drive now in minority-Gentiloni

Premier sees 'reaction' in recent months

(ANSA) - Florence, May 5 - Premier Paolo Gentiloni said Friday that he was optimistic that the European Union was winning the battle of ideas against those who want it to collapse.
    "I think that last year was one of the most difficult for the EU - the perception of crisis was stronger," Gentiloni told the The State of the Union conference in Florence.
    "This crisis is certainly not over, but it is just as certain that the we must reasonably recognise that there have been signs of reaction.
    "I don't underestimate the persistence of positions in public opinion that continue to see the EU as the root of all evil and for some who think exiting the EU is the way to go. "But I also know that these have turned out to be minority positions in recent months. And I am confident that this will be the case over the next few days in France".


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