'Social strike' protestors scale Colosseum, clashes in Milan

Violence in Padua, Naples ring road blocked

(ANSA) - Rome, November 14 - There was violence in Milan and Padua on Friday and a group of demonstrators scaled the Colosseum in Rome, as thousands of people took to the streets of Italian cities as part of the so-called social strike protests. The social strike demonstrations are made up of disparate groups of protestors. The Rome protest features members of small unions protesting against the government's Jobs Act labour reforms and budget measures, people demanding greater social housing, students, migrants and refugees.
    However, there was also a big rally in Milan staged by Italy's biggest trade union confederation CGIL, and its metalworkers' arm FIOM, which is staging a strike in northern Italy.
    Transport strikes in many parts of the country added to the disruption for the public. At the Colosseum a group of around 10 workers from a private firm climbed up restoration scaffolding and hung a banner, reading "No Jobs Act and privatization of public services". A march in the capital started with eggs and fireworks being throw at the economy ministry. A number of police officers were injured in Padua during clashes outside the northern city's university.
    The violence took place when members of the march tried to make towards the local offices of Premier Matteo Renzi's centre-left Democratic Party (PD).
    In Milan, police fired teargas and charged at students who had tried to break a police cordon. The students responded by throwing bottles, flares and other objects.
    In Naples, protestors blocked traffic on the southern city's ring road.


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