Italian MEP candidate blows nose into EU flag

Buonanno calls EU 'disgusting'

(ANSA) - Rome, May 12 - An Italian MP and European parliament candidate, who belongs to the regionalist, anti-immigrant Northern League, campaigned for the upcoming election by blowing his nose in the European flag live on television, the Northern League said in a statement Monday. "A Europe commanded by banks, that doesn't care about clandestine immigration and that has impoverished Italians with its criminal coin disgusts me," Gianluca Buonanno told the programme Mattino Cinque, according to the Northern League.
    "The EU flag is only useful for blowing one's nose. As it is it is gross. We must go to Europe to change the rules. Enough with financial Nazism imposed by Angela Merkel," said Buonanno, who grabbed an EU flag and blew his nose into it.