COVID pass also valid for non-EU citizens - Garavaglia

It will also kickstart European bookings again says tourism min

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 5 - Italy's new COVID green pass for tourists will also be valid for non-EU citizens, Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia said Wednesday.
    Garavaglia noted that the UK and US together make up over 30% of foreign arrivals in Italy, and were among the highest spending tourists.
    The pass will come into force in mid-May, anticipating an EU pass by a month.
    "(The pass) accelerates and anticipates European norms and will get European bookings started again," Garavaglia told SKyTg24.
    "All you need is a simple piece of paper certifying that you respect the rules (you're vaccinated, you're immunized because you've had the disease, or you have had a negative test) and that will be fundamental for foreign tourism.
    "(Premier Mario) Draghi was very clear" when he announced the pass Tuesday.
    Garavaglia added that tourism was now "restarting with the safety car but then it will get faster", using a Formula One analogy. (ANSA).


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