Ryanair not respecting COVID rules says ENAC

Civil aviation authority threatens to suspend airline

(ANSA) - ROME, 05 AGO - Italian civil aviation authority ENAC has written to Ryanair threatening to suspend it from using Italy's airports for failing to respect rules aimed at preventing coronavirus contagion.
    ENAC also informed its Irish counterpart about the "repeated violation of anti-COVID-19 health measures drafted by the Italian government and in force to protect passengers' health".
    It said that, if the company does not rectify the situation, it will impose "the suspension of all air-transport activity in national airports".
    Airlines are exempted from running at 50% of capacity to ensure social distancing of one metre only if they respect a series of other rules and ENAC said Ryanair is failing to do this.
    ENAC said the rules include the obligation to wear facemask during flights , adding that it is the airlines' responsibility to ensure the rules are respected on board aircraft. (ANSA).


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