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Sting gets food award for his olive oil

Tuscan farm product snags Gambero Rosso prize

(ANSA) - ROME, APR 5 - British musician Sting on Monday evening got a top Italian food award for the olive oil he makes on his Tuscan farm with his wife Trudie Styler.
    The Il Palagio farm got the Tre Foglie (Three Leaves) prize from leading culinary guide Gambero Rosso in its latest guide to the best Italian olive oils.
    "This variety", said the farm in announcing the award, "produces an intense extra virgin olive oil with golden reflections, fine, aromatic, tasty and fruity, with a hint of spice and bitterness.
    "The aromas include freshly cut grass, artichokes and rosemary".
    It said 2021 had been a particularly hard year with just 100 litres produced.
    "A thank you to Gambero Rosso which after many years has followed our quality work in progress as a jewel of Tuscany".


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