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Uffizi Gallery gets over 1mn TikTok likes

Top in Italy ahead of Naples, 3rd in world behind Prado, London

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 1 - Florence's iconic Uffizi art gallery has got over one million likes on video-sharing social media platform TikTok, the Florentine gallery said Wednesday.
    A video of a three-day visit by British singer-songwriter Dua Lipa pushed the Uffizi over the threshold, it said.
    Furthermore, with over 116,700 TikTok followers, the Uffizi is by far the most followed Italian museum, with second-placed Museo Archeologico Nazionale of Naples far behind with 19,200 followers.
    On a global level, the Florentine gallery is third behind the Prado in Madrid with 395,500 followers and 3.2 million likes, and the National Gallery in London with 203,900 followers and 1.1 million likes.
    It is ahead of the Rijksmuseum di Amsterdam (111,200 followers, 564,400 likes), and the Metropolitan Museum in New York (50,800 followers, 238,500 likes).
    "The number of young people we see on social media translates into real visits to the museum," said Uffizi Director Eike Schmidt.
    "This is the real success of the Uffizi on TikTok. The boys and girls discover our works on social media and then come and get to know them live in the gallery.
    "This is confirmed by the increase in their presence in the Gallery and an ever stronger participation in our teaching initiatives." (ANSA).


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