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Ukraine: Dostoevsky course reinstated after cancellation

Writer and lecturer Paolo Nori had complained of 'censorship'

(ANSA) - ROME, MAR 2 - A course on Russian literary giant Fyodor Dostoevsky which had been cancelled at a Milan university due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine will now go ahead as scheduled, the university said Wednesday.
    Writer and lecturer Paolo Nori had said the matter at the Milano-Bicocca University was a case of unwarranted censorship and that literature should not be punished due to Russian President Vladimir Putin's actions.
    "Not only is it a fault to be a living Russian in Italy today, but also to be a dead Russian," said Nori, adding that Dostoevsky, author of Crime and Punishment, the Brothers Karamazov and other classics, had been condemned to death himself in 1849 "because he had read something that was prohibited".
    Announcing the reinstatement of the course, Milano-Bicocca said "we are a university open to dialogue and listening even in this very difficult period which spurs dismay due to the escalation of the conflict.
    "We can confirm that the course will take place on the scheduled days and we will discuss the content with the writer.
    "Furthermoe, the university's dean will meet Paolo Nori next week for a moment of reflection". (ANSA).


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