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Sicily returning fragment of Parthenon to Greece

ANSA Exclusive - foot of goddess currently at Palermo museum

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 5 - Sicily is returning a fragment of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece in a cultural agreement of huge international importance.
    The fragment depicts the foot of a goddess,Peitho or Artemis, peeking out from a beautifully crafted tunic.
    The piece is part of a collection once owned by Robert Fagan, the former British consul for Sicily and Malta, and its current home is Palermo's A. Salinas Regional Archaeological Museum.
    In exchange two important pieces will be transferred from the Acropolis Museum - a statue of Athena from the end of the 5th century BC and an amphora from the first half of the 8th century BC. (ANSA).


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