First disabled Miss Italy contestant row

Spurs support from Paralympians, pols and entertainers

(ANSA) - Rome, September 17 - Italy's first disabled Miss Italy contestant has drawn haters on social media, spurring her on to achieve her ambition. "They're only gonna vote for you because you're a cripple," was one of the comments on Facebook, to which 18-year-old Chiara Bordi replied "I may be missing a leg but you're lacking a heart".
    Bordi, from Tarquinia near Rome, lost her leg in a car crash a couple of years ago.
    Her determination drew plaudits from Paralympians, entertainers and politicians.
    "Come on Chiara! If you put everything on the scales, compliments will outweigh the insults," said Paralympian and centre-right Forza Italia MP Giusy Versace.
    Comedian Fiorello said "Chiara, you're beautiful, you're hot, (let's use a barroom language, without hypocrisy"). Carry on the way you're going".
    Chiara said "I'm doing all this to show obtuse people that a girl without a limb can compete on a par with the others, that diversity is not binding, that life never stops and is always beautiful, even when it seems to have it in for you, that you can be reborn from a drama and you can grow stronger than before, it all depends on how you react." The Miss Italia final is live on La7 tonight.


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