Pre-Etruscan tomb discovery

'Remarkable discovery' says Tuscan city's mayor

(ANSA) - Volterra, April 2 - Archaeologists investigating a potential building site near Volterra discovered a tomb dating from pre-Etruscan times, the Tuscan city announced on Thursday.
    Volterra Mayor Marco Buselli said "It is a remarkable discovery that opens new scenarios regarding pre-Etruscan Volterra". The tomb, consisting of a large jar which is an estimated one meter in height and more than 80 cm in diameter, was found during survey archaeological investigations for the building of a nursery school.
    The jar was found in good condition, in a ditch with a stone covering that one city official said "was already in the past: from the fragments it is reasonable to assume that it is as a pre-Etruscan burial".
    The tomb was taken to the Tuscany archaeological superintendency's conservation laboratory.


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