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COVID-19 deaths down 14% in one week says GIMBE

Intensive-care cases have fallen by 26.8% says foundation

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 23 - Italy registered 495 COVID-19 deaths in the January 13-19 period, down by 14.1% on the 576 recorded the previous week, the GIMBE medical foundation said Monday in its weekly coronavirus monitoring report.
    It said the number of COVID patients in Italian intensive-care units had fallen by 26.8% in this period and the number of coronavirus sufferers in ordinary hospital wards had dropped by 22.1%.
    The number of new COVID cases stayed on a downward trend in the period in question, falling by 38.3% from 84,000 to 52,000.
    The report said 11.8 people who are elderly or clinically vulnerable have still not had a fourth dose of a COVID vaccine.
    It said 2.5 people eligible for a fifth dose, recommended to the over-80s, residents in care homes and clinically vulnerable over-60s, have not had it.
    GIMBE called on Health Minister Orazio Schillaci to "update all the data on the vaccination campaign". (ANSA).


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