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Arena of Verona damaged by falling Xmas decorations

Steps of iconic amphitheatre hit by bits of festive comet

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 23 - Verona's iconic Roman amphitheatre, the Arena, was damaged by falling Christmas decorations on Monday, council sources said.
    During the dismantling work on the star of the comet in the Arena of Verona, the base located inside the amphitheatre broke off and plummeted down to the cavea, where the audience stalls are located in the summer, damaging some of the steps, sources in the municipality of Verona said.
    An inspection is currently underway with municipal technicians and the Superintendence for Archaeological and Architectural Heritage.
    Today is the day on which the Arena is closed to the public, which is why it was chosen for the dismantling operations of the star set up since 1984 every year during the Christmas holidays.


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