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Moscow provokes Italy with 'fake' photo of damaged 'Lince'

Image of another vehicle says site

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 30 - The Russian embassy in Rome seems to have used misinformation over a vehicle damaged in conflict in Ukraine on Tuesday in an apparent bid to provoke Italy over its policy of sending aid to Kyiv following Moscow's invasion of its neighbor.
    The embassy posted a picture of what is suggested was a Italian Lince (Lynx) armoured car used by the Ukrainian army that had been hit at Artiomovsk near Bakhmu and asked if Italian taxpayers were happy with their money was being spent in this way.
    However, the Ukraine Weapons Tracker site had already posted the same picture, saying it was not a Lince but an MLS Shield, 11 of which had been bought from Italy, not given as part of aid to Kyiv.
    The embassy posted the question on Facebook on the same day that the Italian parliament was debating extending military aid to Kyiv. (ANSA).


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