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Boy, 8, has brain surgery listening to Mozart

Music had 'calming and anti-stress effect' surgeon tells ANSA

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 29 - An eight-year-old Italian boy had brain surgery while listening in his sleep to Mozart to keep his brain stimulated throughout the op and help surgeons locate the exact point of intervention in Ancona on Monday.
    The four and a half hour op took place at the Salesi Children's Hospital in the Marche port city.
    The boy, who was suffering from a vascular malformation in his brain, wore special earphones capable of emitting sound and mechanical impulses.
    The patient, from a small town in Abruzzo, was completely sedated throughout the op, which was successful, doctors said Tuesday.
    After six hours he had a CAT scan and then he was gradually reawakened.
    As well as Mozart, he was also played Gregorian chant.
    The music also had a "calming and anti-stress effect on the child's brain," local Torrette Hospital neurosurgeon Roberto Trignani explained to ANSA. (ANSA).


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