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Buzzi, Carminati 'Middle World' convictions definitive

Buzzi taken back to jail, Carminati remains free for now

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 30 - The supreme court has upheld the convictions of former rightist NAR militant and ex-gangster Massimo Carminati and well-connected political operator Salvatore Buzzi for being the ringleaders of the massive political-business racketeering case in the Italian capital dubbed 'Mondo di Mezzo ('Middle World').
    As a result Carminati's 10-year jail sentence and Buzzi's term of 12 years, 10 months have become definitive.
    The case was initially dubbed 'Mafia Capitale' because prosecutors said the affair, in which a gang got its hands on city contracts worth millions, ranging from the running of Roma and migrant camps to waste management and maintaining green areas, regarded organized crime.
    But the supreme Cassation Court quashed mafia convictions in 2019 and ordered an appeals court to reset jail terms in the case.
    Buzzi was taken to prison by Carabinieri police in Calabria late on Thursday.
    Carminati, on the other hand, remains free for the moment as he may not have to return to prison, due to the periods he has already served in relation to the case and time off for good conduct.
    If that takes the remaining sentence below four years, a Rome court may allow him to serve the rest via social-service work.


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