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Guru guilty in death of woman after removal of birthmark

40-year-old treated with infusions, meditation

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 23 - An Italian guru or faith healer was found guilty Friday in the death from skin cancer of a 40-year-old woman after she had a birthmark removed in his 'holistic' centre near Genoa.
    Paolo Bendinelli, a healer at the Anidra holistic centre at Borzonasca, got three years and four months in jail in the case, as did Brescia doctor Paolo Oneda.
    A psychologist, Paola Dora, was acquitted.
    The three were on trial for the death of Roberta Repetto, who had her birthmark removed on the kitchen table of the centre and was then treated for two years with hearbal infusions and meditation before dying after her cancer metastasized.
    Bendinelli and Oneda were found guilty of culpable manslaughter while being cleared of sexual violence and taking advantage of a psychologically weakened individual.
    Prosecutors had requested terms of 16 years for Bendinelli, 14 for Oneda and 10 for Dora, charging them with premeditated murder. (ANSA).


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