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Girl, 10, gets dad arrested for beating mum

At Anzio south of Rome

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 17 - A 10-year-old Italian girl phoned emergency services on Ferragosto and got them to send police to arrest her father after the umpteenth episode of violence against her mother, it emerged Wednesday.
    The girl hid in her room when man started attacking her mother and phoned police in Anzio south of Rome.
    Police came and arrested the 44-year-old for aggravated domestic violence.
    He had a long history of beating up the woman, police said.
    The girl reportedly told police: "My father is hitting Mamma, please help us".
    Anzio is the coastal town where the WWII Allies landed in January 1944 in their push for Rome, before getting bogged down by fierce German resistance that lasted until June. (ANSA).


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