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Four teens die in car crash near Treviso

3 Italians, 1 Albanian, all 18, lose lives at 'cursed bend'

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 16 - Four friends aged 18 died in a car crash near Treviso Saturday night.
    They were returning from a night out when their car swerved off the road at Godega Sant'Urbano.
    Three years ago, in March 2019, two teenagers died in another crash on the same curve in the road, which has been dubbed "the cursed bend".
    Three of the latest victims were from near Treviso and the fourth from Friuli.
    Police think the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel.
    He had passed his driving test in the last year.
    The victims were named as Daniele De Re, resident at Cordignano (Treviso), Xhuliano Kellici, also from Cordignano and from an Albanian family, Daniele Ortolan from Orsago (Treviso) and Marco Da Re, from Caneva (Pordenone).
    The latter would have turned 19 in November.
    The Italian media call such fatal crashes involving youngsters returning from weekend visits to pubs and discos "Saturday night massacres". (ANSA).


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