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Rape-drug seizures tripled last year - report

Record 20 tonnes of cocaine seized, up 47%

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 23 - The number of seizures of rape drugs GBL and GHB tripled In Italy last year, according to the annual report of the central directorate for anti-drug services out Thursday.
    Seizures of GBL rose to 90 litres and those of GHB to five litres in 2021, it said.
    Some 32 new psychoactive substances produced with the aim of eluding controls because not yet present in international tables were intercepted last year, the report said.
    These new synthetic drugs have caused tens of thousands of overdose deaths in the United States.
    Last year also saw a record 20 tonnes of cocaine seized, 47% up on 2020, the report said.

This has already been passed in the first six months of this year with a record 21 tonnes seized, the report said.

    Seizures of all illegal drugs rose by 54" last year. (ANSA).


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