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Ukraine: Goal not war but make peace win says Mattarella

President marks 10th anniversary of Emilia earthquake

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 20 - The goal in the Ukraine conflict is not not war but to make peace win, President Sergio Mattarella said on the 10th anniversary of the Emilian earthquake at Medolla on Friday.
    He also said the reception of Ukrainian refugees in Italy had made Italians proud.
    "The welcome that has been offered to Ukrainian families, women and children from this wicked war of aggression is proof of how solidarity always remains a robust thread that weaves together lives and stories," said the head of State.
    "We must be proud of this welcome.
    "Because it is proof of humanity that makes the world, and the aggressors, understand that our goal is not to continue the war but to to defeat the bullying o those making war, making peace and co-existence win, in freedom and with respect for the law." On the earthquake that devastated the northern Italian region in 2012, Mattarella said "let us not return to the past, let us build a future together".
    He said that "institutional convergence and a unity of intent" was needed to fully recover form the disaster.
    Coordinated institutions can reach their goals better, Mattarella added. (ANSA).


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