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Bar fined 1,000 euros over overpriced coffee

Customer complains price not displayed in Florence establishment

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 17 - A Florence bar was fined 1,000 euros over an overpriced coffee after the customer called the police, sources said Monday.
    The man called the municipal cops after paying two euro for a decaf coffee at the Ditta Artigianale bar in the Tuscan capital.
    He complained that the price of the coffee was not displayed on the premises.
    The owner of the bar, which has won the best Italian coffee making prize on several occasions, said "this law must be changed because otherwise 99.9% of bars and restaurants would easily fall foul of it".
    The man, Francesco Sanapo, said the coffee in question was "from a Mexican plantation and prepared with great care by my baristas," hence the higher price.
    "No one should be scandalized if they pay two euros for an espresso any more," he said, citing rises in the cost of raw materials amid the cost of living crisis. (ANSA).


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