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COVID-19: Green Pass obligation to end May 1 says govt

Govt sets road map to phase out coronavirus restrictions

(ANSA) - ROME, MAR 17 - The obligation to have the Green Pass to do many things in Italy will end on May 1, sources said after cabinet approved a road map easing COVID restrictions from the end of April.
    Earlier on Thursday the government's 'control room' task force met to discuss the steps of the phasing out the nation's COVID-19 restrictions with the coronavirus state of emergency ending on March 31.
    The current regime under which people must wear facemasks in enclosed public spaces, including schools, will remain in force until April 30, the sources said.
    The obligation to wear facemasks on public transport will continue until the end of April too, therefore, although it will no longer be necessary to show a Green Pass to get on from April 1, according to the sources.
    At the moment the Super Green Pass, which shows a person is vaccinated for the coronavirus or has recovered from it, is needed to do almost all social, leisure, cultural or sporting activities in Italy and over-50s also need it to access places of work.
    Over-50s will be able to access places of work with a base Green Pass, which can be obtained by having a negative test although it only lasts a few days in this way, like younger people during the month of April.
    The government has also decided that all COVID-linked capacity limits at places such as soccer stadiums and night clubs will end on April 1, the sources said. (ANSA).


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