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Ukraine: Regions told to give refugees COVID tests, jabs (4)

Flow of refugees to Italy accelerating

(ANSA) - ROME, MAR 4 - The health ministry has told Italy's regions in a circular letter to set aside resources to make sure that refugees from Ukraine arriving after the Russian invasion can be tested and vaccinated for COVID-19.
    On Thursday the GIMBE medical foundation said it estimated that 64% of Ukrainians are unvaccinated for the coronavirus.
    The flow of refugees arriving in Italy from Ukraine is accelerating.
    It was estimated that 3,840 people had come here between the start of the invasion and midnight on Tuesday.
    On Thursday that number had climbed to 6,680.
    Italy is ready to do its bit to take in refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine, Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese said on Thursday.
    "Italy is used to handling situations, including emergencies, via its network of prefect's offices, the world of voluntary associations, the local councils," Lamorgese said on her way into a European Interior Affairs Council.
    "We will address all the needs that arise.
    "It is necessary to show Europe's solidarity. The number of refugees arriving in Europe is very high".
    Ukrainian citizens would have temporary protection while non-Ukrainians would have national protection in line with EU norms, she said.
    "All refugees will be welcomed," she said.
    Lamorgese added that the EU estimates that seven-eight million refugees will flee Ukraine (ANSA).


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