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Man averts life for killing ex because 'impulsive reaction'

Brescia man gets 24 yrs for stabbing woman to death in 2020

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 18 - A 43-year-old Italian man has dodged a life penalty for murdering his ex in front of their three children in May 2020 because the judge found his jealousy of her new boyfriend sparked an "impulsive reaction" in him.
    Brescia assizes judge Roberto Spanò said in giving Gianluca Lupi 24 years in jail that "there should not be an automatic equation that wife-killing equals life imprisonment".
    He said that in stabbing his ex to death Lupi had shown a "loss of self-control under the pressure of impelling emotional stimuli", that there had been no premeditation, and no history of domestic abuse. (ANSA).


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