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Europe's oldest grave of newborn girl found in Liguria

40-day-old 'Neve' buried with pearls and charms

Europe's oldest grave of a newborn girl has been found in Liguria, dating back to 10,000 years ago, according to a new article in the journal Scientific Reports.
    The grave was surrounded by tiny pears and lucky charms, said a team of Italian researchers.
    The baby, whom they have dubbed Neve (Snow), was just 40 days old.
    The discovery was made by Stefano Benazzi of the University of Bologna, Fabio Negrino of the Università of Genova, and Marco Peresani of the University of Ferrara, with the support of the Sincrotrone Elettra research centre in Trieste.
    The remains were found in a cave near Albenga.
    "Neve's discovery is of exceptional importance," said Benazzi.
    "It will help us fill in many gaps, throwing light on the ancient social structure and funerary and ritual behaviour of these ancestors of ours". 


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