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Two arrested over double sexual assault in Varese area

Men accused of attacking, raping women Friday night

- ROME, DEC 6 - Two men have been arrested on rape charges for allegedly sexually assaulting on Friday night two young women, one on a local train travelling from Milan to Varese and another one at a station near Varese.
    The two youths, an Italian and an undocumented Moroccan migrant, were arrested Sunday at the order of prosecutors in Varese, Lombardy, who are investigating the case.
    The men were arrested inside an apartment in Saronno, near Varese, after neighbors called the police because of loud music and noise during a party being held there.
    The suspects are accused of sexually assaulting the two women, who are in their twenties.
    The first woman, who was on a Trenord commuter train travelling from Milano Cadorna to Varese Nord, was reportedly raped on board the train.
    The second was sexually assaulted just a few minutes after the first rape inside the station of Venegono Inferiore, near Varese, but was able to escape, investigative sources said.
    Both pressed charges and helped police compile an identikit of their assailants after being taken to the Dal Ponte hospital in Varese for treatment.


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