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Anti-migrant walls a return to the past says Pope

But there is hope to walk together as 'we' Francis tells Astalli

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 16 - Building walls against migrants like the ones going up on the Poland-Belarus border is a return to the past, Pope Francis said Tuesday.
    In a message to the Astalli refugee centre, Francis lamented that the last 40 years have seen conflicts multiply as nationalism and populism result in nations building walls to keep out migrants.
    "However," he continued," in these past 40 years and in this desert, there have been many examples of hope which allow us to dream of walking together as a new people 'towards an ever-wider we'".
    The Pope said the Astalli Center's photography exhibit can help build a culture of encounter where bridges are built over divisions.
    "The faces of the women and men who make up this exhibit," he said, "display the desire to be active in the cities in which we live and share life, and protagonists with full citizenship to build a community of solidarity together with many other men and women." (ANSA).


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