Row over Turin eatery named after Camorra boss

Anti-mafia and partisan groups up in arms at 'Lovigino'

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 28 - A row has erupted over a Turin restaurant named after a Camorra boss.
    The name of the eatery, Lovigino, a nickname of former Neapolitan mafia kingpin Luigi Giuliano, has incurred the opposition of several anti-mafia and partisan local associations including Libera Torino, Arci Torino and Anpi as well as trade unions and leftwing political parties.
    They said in a statement: "Mafias are a serious thing; the death of the victims, the grief of their families, the contempt for rights, justice and democracy typical of criminal activity, is also serious. You can't joke about it or think of marketing it".
    The owners of the restaurants, which has been open since July 27, said the name Lovigino had been proposed by a marketing company and "combines the concepts of Love and Family ('cugino' or cousin).
    "If you come into our establishment you will not fin any nod to organized crime or any mafia clan, which will always remain very far away from us". (ANSA).


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