Operation starts to clear port of Trieste of Green Pass protestors

Police use water jets on protestors sitting on the ground

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 18 - Police on Monday started the operation to clear protestors against the obligation to have the Green Pass COVID-19 health certificate to access all Italian places of work from a section of the port of Trieste.
    Police in riot gear sprayed water jets at protestors sitting on the ground and blocking port gate 4 and told them to move away "in the name of the law".
    The protestors chanted "people like us never give up" and "Liberty, Liberty".
    The protest started on Friday, when the obligation to have the Green Pass at places of work kicked in.
    The Green Pass shows that a person is vaccinated for COVID-19, has recovered from it in the last six months or has tested negative in the last few days.
    It is estimated that around 40% of the port of Trieste's workers do not have the Green Pass.
    It had been feared that the protest in Trieste would cause massive disruption and trigger similar actions elsewhere.
    So far, however, the impact of the protest has been limited.


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