Women refuse transfusion from vaccinated for dad, 92

Afraid of him getting RNA from donated blood

(ANSA) - BOLOGNA, AUG 24 - Two 60-something women last week refused to allow their hospitalized 92-year-old father to have a blood transfusion from persons who had been vaccinated against COVID-19, the Bologna edition of La Repubblica daily reported Tuesday.
    The incident, in which the daughters refused to authorise a transfusion for fear of their father receiving the RNA molecule behind the most common jabs, took place at the Infermi Hospital in Rimini.
    "This is a rather extreme case," said local blood plasma panel chair Rino Biguzzi.
    "Blood donation is anonymous, free, voluntary and safe.
    "And there is the utmost protection of privacy." He added that there was no evidence of the COVID-19 virus being transmitted via a transfusion, nor of RNA transmission.
    People who get blood from a vaccinated person are not automatically vaccinated in their turn, Biguzzi said.
    Doctors are still trying to persuade the women to allow the blood transfusion for their father, (ANSA).


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