Cops talks down suicidal father set to jump into river

Tunisian, 39, with three kids, wanted to end it all

(ANSA) - PADUA, JUL 22 - An Italian police officer managed to talk down a suicidal 39-year-old Tunisian father of three who was set to jump into a river in Padua on Thursday, local sources said.
    The officer reportedly told the man: "I realise that your problems seem insurmountable, your head is confused...but you can't solve things like this, you've got kids after all...there's still a solution, if you trust me. My name is Michele, I'll talk to social services...Give me your hand, let's leave together".
    The officer succeeded in grabbing the would-be suicide's hand and, together with another officer, took him off the bridge to safety on the side of the river. (ANSA).


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