Italy's COVID-19 contagion curve slowly declining - ISS

Incidence down to 96 COVID cases for every 100,00 inhabitants,

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 14 - Silvio Brusaferro, the head of Italy's Higher Health Institute (ISS), said Friday that Italy's COVID-19 contagion curve was slowly coming down as he presented the results of the weekly coronavirus monitoring report.
    "The curve is gradually declining in Italy," Brusaferro said.
    "It is a slow decline but one that has continued for several weeks and can seen in all of the regions".
    Italy's COVID-19 Rt reproduction number has fallen to 0.86, down from 0.89 last week, according to the weekly coronavirus monitoring report of the health ministry and the ISS.
    The incidence has fallen to 96 COVID cases for every 100,00 inhabitants, compared to 123 cases in last week's report.
    None of Italy's regions are classed as being high COVID risk and the proportion of intensive-care places occupied by coronavirus patients is over the critical threshold of 30% in only three regions. (ANSA).


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