COVID: Virus expert says his ward 'invaded' by new variants

Situation is same all over Italy says Massimo Galli

(ANSA) - ROME, FEB 16 - COVID virus expert Massimo Galli said on Italian TV Tuesday his ward had been "invaded" by new variants of the coronavirus.
    Galli, a Milan university infectious disease professor and a doctor at Milan's Sacco Hospital, said "everyone" wanted to reopen Italy but the spread of new variants including the British one made a new full lockdown a more likely scenario.
    "We all agree that we'd like to all reopen but I find a ward invaded by new variants and that is the case all over Italy, which makes it easy to predict that we will soon have more serious problems," Galli told Mattino 5 on the flagship Berlusconi channel.
    "Warnings are coming from what is happening in other European countries.
    "We are faced with the variants, and the variants are more contagious and therefore have more capacity to spread in situations that are not completely safe.
    "It's unpleasant but it's a fact.
    "That's the reality, and it's no use chattering about it".
    The new government, led by former European central banker Mario Draghi, is facing calls to ease restrictions from some political parties amid experts' recommendations that another full lockdown of at least two weeks will be needed to combat the variants.
    The British variant is destined to become the dominant one, experts say.
    It has already been detected in several places across Italy.


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