4 arrests inc councillor for Foggia graft

Centre-right official 'involved in 35,000 euro bribe'

(ANSA) - BARI, FEB 10 - Italian police on Wednesday arrested four people including a city councillor in a probe into alleged bribes in exchange for services at the city council in the Puglia city of Foggia.
    The councillor was placed under house arrest, as were a council functionary, a local businessman, and a retired doctor.
    The councillor was named as 66-year-old centre-right politicians Bruno Longo.
    He allegedly obtained a bribe of 35,000 euros to have some invoiced from the council paid out to the Web service businessman, 57-year-old Luigi Panniello.
    The other arrestees were retired doctor Antonio Apicella, 70, and Antonio Parente, 54, an informatics clerk on the city council.
    The alleged bribe was paid out in three tranches between 2018 and 2019 by an information technology firm in Campobasso, police said.
    The centre-left opposition ion the council said the affair was so serious it warranted the resignation of the centre-right mayor and his administration. (ANSA).


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